Collection: Custom Order Tail Extensions



Made to Order Tail Extensions

Many of these tails have been honored to be on the back end of world champions!

*Genuine horse hair 

*Unique attachment end

  • Tail attachment lies over the tailbone in a natural way
  • Easy to hide, even on horses with thinner natural tails or who swish their tail 
  • Blends into the natural tail so well, you can’t tell it’s an extension 
  • Position of tail can be adjusted up or down a bit over the tailbone area to achieve the perfect length

Create your own custom show tail extension!  We highly recommend providing a picture of your horse's natural tail color taken in the sunlight for matching.  Tails take approximately 10 days to make and arrive at your doorstep!  

Don't see the customizations you're looking for?  Just contact us and let us build you a quote for the perfect tail!

Caring for Your New Tail Extension

  • Your new tail extension is made from 100% genuine horse hair and should be cared for just as you would care for your horse's natural tail, using high quality grooming products. We like Equifuse products and all of our tails are cleaned and conditioned with high quality Equifuse products. 
  •  We use high quality genuine leather attachments for our tops
  • Care should be taken to keep the leather attachment dry at all times