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EquineLux Easy-Adjustable Sheepskin Lined Saddle Pad with Pockets

EquineLux Easy-Adjustable Sheepskin Lined Saddle Pad with Pockets

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Non-slip Hunter sheepskin lined saddle pad with pockets for shims, sheepskin rolled edge, leather reinforcements

MERINO sheepskin lining, combined with 100% cotton fabric, reduces pressure on the horse's back and wick away sweat naturally and quickly, providing efficient shock absorption and superior thermal comfort.

❶ Two large pockets are designed specifically to ensure proper fit of the saddle and comfort for the horse by accommodating both specialized and custom-made shims.
❷ High-quality sheepskin rolled edge makes saddle pad outstanding both in terms of design and durability.
❸ Breathable 3-Dimensional SPACER textile reduces heat build-up and provides excellent moisture vapor transfer.
❹ Non-slip mesh upper prevents the saddle from sliding and shifting, and steadily secures the saddle pad under the saddle.
❺ MERINO sheepskin rolled edge elegantly defines contour of the saddle pad.
❻ High-Resilience open-cell foam shims allow for the overall weight to be redistributed over a larger area, thus minimizing pressure points.
❼ Shims can be easily inserted and removed due to the wide pocket openings.
❽ Genuine leather reinforcements protect saddle pad against wear in the girth tightener area.
❾ EASY-ADJUSTABLE Hunter saddle pad can be used both with and without shims.

➤ ➤ ➤ If you have a saddle with extra deep rear gussets, we recommend you to consider ordering a saddle pad that is one size bigger than the actual size of your saddle.
IMPORTANT:  Please consult our SIZE-CHART to determine your size!

♞  NOTE: A pair of High-Resilience foam full-size inserts is included in the package.

Made in Canada, made to order, and drop shipped directly from Canada.  Delivery may take up to two weeks, but is no charge.


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